Automatic Transmission Services

The gears in an automatic transmission are responsible for delivering power from the motor to the drive wheels.  These gears shift automatically or to provide the best efficiency and power based on your driving speed.  Transmission fluid is specially formulated to cool and lubricate the gears inside the transmission.  Over time, the additives in the fluid break down leaving the gears without proper lubrication and protection.  This could lead to premature wear, damage, and costly repairs to your transmission.  Here, we offer multiple solutions to your vehicle’s automatic transmission needs.  They include our:

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exhchange:

Our state of the art Trans Pro fluid exchange machine runs through the transmission dipstick tube of your vehicle.  Once it is set to the proper quantity and grade of fluid, it replaces essentially 100% of the transmission fluid held in the transmission including the torque converter.

Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill:

Our automatic transmission drain and fill service includes:

  • The removal of the transmission drain plug to drain out the old transmission fluid
  • Reinstallation of the transmission drain plug
  • Installation of fresh, new automatic transmission fluid in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications


Manual Transmission Service

Your manual transmission is a component of your vehicle that is responsible for changing the ratio between drive wheel RPM and engine RPM to meet various driving situations.  Similarly to automatic transmissions, manual transmissions contain lubricant to keep the gears, bearings, and other internal parts operating smoothly.  Heat, friction, and other contaminants can break down the manual transmission fluid over time.

Our manual transmission service includes:

  • The removal of the old manual transmission fluid
  • Installation of fresh, new manual transmission fluid in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended type and quantity


Please Note:  All transmission services that we perform here are recommended based on your manufacturer’s maintenance specifications.