Air Conditioning Evaluation and Recharge:

Many people believe that an air conditioning system is responsible for creating cold air, however, it actually does the opposite! Rather than inducing cold air into an area, air conditioning systems remove the heat and humidity that already exists creating a cool sensation.  The air conditioning in your vehicle works no differently than an air conditioning in your home.  Unfortunately, over time, leaks in your cooling system will occur causing that cool, crisp air to regain its warm and humid feel.  That is why we are here to provide you with our Air Conditioning Evaluation and Recharge service.  Our certified technicians will use the proper equipment to evaluate your air conditioning system.  After the evaluation, we will vacuum, purge, and recharge your system according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Upon completion of the service, you will be back on the road feeling calm, “cool,” and collected in your ice-cold air conditioning!