Front/Rear Differential:

The front and rear differentials are part of your vehicle’s drivetrain and are located along the drive shaft of your vehicle.  Many 4-wheel drive vehicles have both of these components.  The reason for this is so they can work with the transmission to deliver power from the motor to the drive wheels.  The differentials are also responsible for affording your vehicle the ability to turn.  Gears located inside the differential box work to allow your wheels to turn at different speeds making it possible to turn corners while improving overall traction.  These gears inside the differential box are lubricated with what is known as gear oil.  Over time, the additives in the gear oil break down due to extreme operating temperatures.  By replacing your differential fluid at your manufacturer’s recommended intervals, you will help prevent excessive wear on the gears which could lead to expensive repair work.  Our certified technicians will inform you when the gear oil should be replaced to help keep your gears properly lubricated and your wallet happy!

Transfer Case (4WD/AWD only):

The transfer case is also a gearbox located on the driveshaft of your vehicle.  Its purpose is to either shift power from one axle to the other or split the power between the front and rear axles depending on whether it is an all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Similarly to the front and rear differentials, the fluid in the transfer case breaks down over time leaving the gears vulnerable to premature wear and damage.  By replacing the transfer case fluid at your manufacturer’s recommended intervals, you can save money by avoiding expensive repair work.  Say goodbye to old, contaminated fluid and say hello to a rejuvenated drivetrain once you allow our professional technicians to perform our transfer case fluid exchange.