It is no secret that the automotive industry is tied to numerous environmental concerns.  Vehicle emissions, waste oil disposal, anti-freeze disposal, and other environmental topics always come up in conversation.  We believe that there are two ways to handle these topics.  You either brush them under the rug, or you accept the responsibility and do whatever possible to keep our environment free from pollutants.  We prefer to do the latter.

The fact is that one gallon of motor oil can contaminate up to 1,000,000 gallons of water! Think of the impact that this can have.  Facts like this are the reason that we have been working with a professional waste oil removal company since day one.  We are proud to say that each year we do our part by recycling approximately 21,000 gallons of waste oil!  On top of that, we also recycle nearly 1,800 gallons of anti-freeze per year and offer various maintenance services and additives that help protect our environment.

One of our most environmentally friendly services is our Fuel and Emissions Systems Cleaning.  Performed regularly, it helps to reduce fuel consumption and decrease carbon emissions from your vehicle.  We also offer additives made by Lucas Oil Products Inc. that can help slow and prevent oil leaks that would otherwise pollute our roadways and water supplies.  Every service that we offer is performed with our environment in mind.  In our eyes, it is only right to do what’s best for our customers and for the world that we live in.

Please Note:  We are more than happy to accept any waste oil you may have.  Just stop in, see our receptionist, and we will be sure to dispose of it properly.

waste oil recycling