Fuel System Cleaning:

Your fuel system is an essential component of your vehicle.  It is responsible for providing power to your motor.  Each time you press the gas pedal, regardless of if you are racing down a quarter mile drag strip or just cruising around town, you control how much air and fuel the motor takes in.  The air and fuel create a mixture that gets pulled into the combustion chambers of the cylinders inside your motor.  The spark plugs then ignite this mixture producing the power for your vehicle.  It is critical that this mixture is as clean as possible to allow for optimal performance in your vehicle.  Our multi-step fuel system cleaner will ensure this by:

– Removing carbon deposits from the fuel injectors
– Eliminating fuel varnish build-up
– Reducing intake valve and cylinder head deposits

Although auto manufacturer’s have not yet included fuel and emissions cleaning services in their maintenance schedules, most manufacturers of fuel system cleaning products recommend the service to be performed every 15,000-20,000 miles or once a year.  For optimal performance, a fuel booster additive is recommended at every oil change.

Fuel Filter Replacement:

Your fuel filter is a component of your fuel system that is located along the fuel line of your vehicles.  Its purpose is to help remove contaminants and to allow fuel to flow to the motor without any hindrance.  Our certified technicians will inform you of your manufacturer’s recommended interval for the fuel filter to be replaced.  By having it replaced at the proper interval, it will help keep your motor running at peak performance.

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