A Big MINI Settlement Mar 26, 2015

Not fair BMW! Not fair at all! Kudos to the Federal Trade Commission for leveling the playing field and enforcing a law that’s been in place since 1975. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, we are referring to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, which was created to keep auto manufacturer’s from taking advantage of their consumers and to keep the playing field even. Recently the FTC ordered the MINI division of BMW to provide MINI owners with information about consumer’s rights to use third party auto services without voiding warranties. The reason for this is because MINI has been claiming that the use of any third party service will cause existing warranties to be voided. This has illegal written all over it. It is in complete violation of the Magnuson Moss Act which states that companies cannot require that consumers – in order to maintain their warranties – use specific brands of parts or specified service centers, unless the part or service is provided to the consumer without charge. It is a shame that a brand such as BMW would attempt to deceive their customers by not honoring this act. Thankfully the Auto Care Association and the FTC were on top of it. For more information about this case, click this link and if you are ever told by a manufacturer or dealer that you can only use their specific part or service, speak up and put them in their place. You have the right to choose your service provider. Do not let them dictate what you can and cannot do!

mag moss pic