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The Grand Prix

A comprehensive 25-point inspection that includes draining and replacing up to 5 quarts of top quality, name brand oil, installation of a new oil filter, inspecting and topping off all critical fluids, inspecting drivetrain / suspension / exhaust, checking engine and cabin air filters, and more!

*Prices may vary based on vehicle make, model, and additional manufacturer requirements*

Complete Transmission Flush

Service may vary based on vehicle make and model. Please contact our service center for complete details regarding your Complete Transmission Flush

Total Coolant Exchange

A complete flush of your vehicle’s old antifreeze replaced with brand new, fresh coolant. Performing this service at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals will keep your motor at peak operating temperatures even in the harshest conditions.

Air Filtration Services

Inspection of your engine air filter and cabin air filter (if applicable). We will promptly replace either filter upon customer request.

Fuel System Cleaning

Remove carbon deposits from the fuel injectors, eliminate fuel varnish build-up, and reduce intake valve and cylinder head deposits. What does this mean? Better fuel economy and engine performance.

Complete Power Steering Flush

This service replaces old power steering fluid with new fluid to enhance overall steering capabilities. This helps eliminate sludge, leaks, and stiffness within your power steering system.

Complete Drivetrain Service

Over time the lubricants in your front differential, rear differential, and transfer case will wear down. Our drivetrain services help prevent excessive wear on the gears which could lead to expensive repairs. Gear oil should be replaced at your manufacturer’s recommended interval.

Exterior Lighting/Safety Services

Safety is key. We will do a complete exterior light check and replace any non-functioning bulbs upon customer request. We will also inspect exterior body condition, tire pressure, wiper blade wear, and offer a complete headlight restoration service to eliminate corrosion.

Complete Air Conditioning Recharge

A comprehensive evaluation and recharge of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. We will vacuum, purge, and recharge your AC system according to your manufacturer’s specifications.

Prices may vary based on vehicle make, model, and additional manufacturer requirements.

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