While it may seem that most people these days would prefer to avoid driving when they travel, that is actually not the case.  More Americans are taking to the roads than ever before.  And while flying may seem to be the more convenient method of transportation, there are still many Americans who cannot replace the feeling of the thrill of the road beneath their feet.  For anybody planning on traveling the open roads, we have some advice that will help make your trip more safe and enjoyable.

1. Give your vehicle an interior overhaul before you take to the roads (A.K.A. Clean the inside of your car before departure).  You want to be comfortable on your trip and any unwanted candy wrappers or odors detract from that before you have even left your driveway.

2. Plan for the unexpected.  Traveling is often filled with many events that can be considered unforeseeable.  Accidents, roadwork, and your children needing bathroom breaks are just a few examples.  It’s always good to give yourself some extra time in the event that anything unexpected may occur.

3. Secure any luggage or personal items before departure.  It’s never fun to be the person on the side of the road watching all of his or her belongings getting destroyed by moving traffic.  For starters, this is a dangerous scenario for fellow motorists.  Not to mention the fact that now you will be racking up a serious bill at the mall purchasing new personal possessions.

4. Purchase a satellite radio subscription.  Now this is certainly not a necessity, but it never hurts to have additional radio stations to keep you entertained on the road.  We could be wrong, but nowadays most people would rather jam out to their stereo system than be stuck singing along with their parents as if they are part of the Griswold family.

5. Have all of your documentation accessible.  This includes your vehicle’s registration, your insurance card, and driver’s license.  The ideal situation is obviously to avoid being pulled over, but you never know when you might get caught in a speed trap.  In this case, better safe than sorry.

6. Join a roadside rescue service.  You never anticipate being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes things don’t always play out the way you expect.  If you are one of those people who are always on the road, it can never hurt to have a backup plan in the case of an unfortunate event.