Does My Car Really Need Synthetic Oil? Jun 6, 2014

Today, many automobile manufacturers are “requiring” that you put synthetic oil in your new vehicle. So what exactly does that mean? Well, unfortunately it means that the cost of routine maintenance will certainly be more expensive. Synthetic oil costs more money to manufacture, therefore, dealers, mechanics, and automotive maintenance shops like ourselves have no choice but to charge more to service vehicles that require these synthetic specifications. The goal of this article is to help educate you on which vehicles need synthetic oil, what types of synthetic oil are required, and we will also fill you in on some crafty use of language from some auto manufacturer’s that can leave even the most skilled mechanics confused.

Up until recently, synthetic motor oils were only required in vehicles with high performance motors and racing applications. However, synthetic oil is becoming more and more common in everyday vehicles. You may be asking yourself why. Well, one very important reason is for fuel economy. Various EPA regulations have caused manufacturers to focus on how to get the best fuel mileage out of their vehicles. One way of doing that is by running thinner motor oils in their engines. For instance, many new Honda and Acura vehicles require the use of 0w20 synthetic oil. Nissan has also switched over to the use of 0w20 synthetic oil, however, their owners manuals contain some interesting verbiage.  0w20 is described as the recommended oil weight for some of their newer vehicles, but 5w30 conventional petroleum based oil may be used without voiding the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

When manufacturers print specifications such as the ones listed above, it can easily cause confusion and controversy for the consumer. Customers question whether or not additional charges for synthetic oil are just an attempt by the local mechanic to make an extra buck. We cannot speak for all automotive shops, but we can tell you that our priority is to inform every customer of the recommended lubricants for their vehicle. We strive to keep your car on the road as long as possible while providing you with the service that you deserve. By informing you of all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle, we want to help you make educated decisions about your car and we would like to extend you this offer. If you are ever unsure of the proper motor oil that is recommended for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to call upon our highly trained staff. We will do whatever is necessary to assist you in every way possible. Thank you!